Order Policy

Welcome to Variya Foods! We have simplified the process of managing your account, allowing you to easily view and update your information and place orders through our website, www.variyafoods.com. Our user-friendly “Our Account” feature provides you with complete control over your transactions. You can conveniently track and edit your details, such as address, phone number, email ID, and order status.

How Can I Confirm the Status of My Order?

Once your payment is successfully processed, we will internally handle your order, and you will promptly receive a confirmation email from Variya Foods. This email will be sent to the email address associated with your order/account. It will contain a unique Order ID (e.g., OD01202130213) for your reference when contacting our customer service team, as well as a list of the items you have ordered and the estimated delivery time.

Can I Order a Product That is Currently Out of Stock?

Absolutely! If a product is currently out of stock, you have the option to use our “Notify Me” feature. This way, we can inform you as soon as the product becomes available for sale on Variya Foods.

Product Information

Production Policy:

Please keep in mind that the appearance of colors may vary on different monitors, depending on whether the display has been properly calibrated.

If color matching is crucial, please refrain from solely relying on photographs.

Kindly note that shades of color may differ between different production batches.

Some colors may appear slightly different from what is shown in the photographs.

Are the Photographs of the Products Accurate?

Please be aware that different monitors may display colors differently, especially if the display has not been calibrated correctly. If color matching is essential, we recommend requesting a sample rather than relying solely on photographs.

What about Color and Pricing?

Please note that color shades may vary between different production batches. While we take care to ensure that our photographs accurately depict the products, slight color variations may occur. We cannot guarantee that our photographs will precisely capture every color or specific pattern found in the actual products.

Please also be aware that manufacturer specifications and values are subject to change without prior notice.

Our Payment Policies

At Variya Foods, we offer the following payment options:

UPI (Unified Payments Interface)

Online payments are securely processed through UPI QR codes, ensuring encrypted connections for all UPI IDs.